A member who is found Unfit to continue naval service by the Informal PEB, and wishes to appeal can demand a formal hearing with or without a personal appearance.  Formal hearings are held before the Formal PEB at the Washington Navy Yard, DC.  The Formal PEB is the member's opportunity, with the assistance of legal counsel to present evidence, testimony, and documents in support of his or her case.  The service member is represented by an appointed military lawyer and may appear in person.  The service member may also be represented by a National Service Officer from a National Service Organization or civilian counsel of his or her choosing provided at his or her expense.  The Formal PEB's recommended findings will be reviewed for administrative and legal error.  The Formal PEB's recommended findings are final after the President, Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) reviews and signs the decision.  The President, PEB can either approve or amend the recommended findings.  If the service member disagrees with the findings, he or she may submit a Petition for Relief (PFR) to the Director, Secretary of the Navy Council of Review Boards.  The PFR is a separate and distinct appeal from the Formal PEB's decision.