Applicants found ineligible by the CRSC preliminary criteria or denied a combat-related determination for their disabilities will receive a denial letter. The letter will include the reason(s) for ineligibility or denial.  Requests are usually processed within 30 working days.

In the case that an applicant does not agree with the determination, the applicant has two courses of action:

1.      Submit a request to the SecNav CRSC Board requesting reconsideration of a decision or;

2.      Submit to BCNR.

CRSC Reconsideration:

To submit a request to the CRSC Board for reconsideration, you must have new information that will support your disability as combat related.  The CRSC Board cannot approve an application that was originally denied simply because you say it should be reconsidered. You must provide new documentation/evidence that supports your statement by linking your disability to a combat related event.

New Disability

In the event that a new disability has been awarded by the VA, and the retiree has already been approved for CRSC for other disabilities, the new VA Schedule for Rating Disabilities (VASRD) Code, diagnosis, and supporting documentation must be submitted to the SecNav CRSC Board.  The case will be reopened and the new disability analyzed to determine if the new disability is combat related.  Upon completion of analysis, a reconsideration letter will be generated with a copy to DFAS as appropriate.

Disability Increase

1.  Approved Applicants:  If the retiree receives a rating percentage increase from the VA for a CRSC approved disability the member should notify the CRSC Board. The CRSC Board will submit a new approval letter annotating the increased disability percentage. to ensure DFAS is notified of the percentage increase. DFAS will adjust the CRSC payment automatically via direct information link with the VA.

2.  Pending Approval Applicants:  If the retiree receives a rating decision from the VA that:

a.       upgrades the rating percentage for a disability; and

b.      retiree believes the disability to be combat related; and

c.       retiree has documentation to support the disability as combat related,

request for reconsideration can be submitted prior to initial approval. Retiree needs to provide CRSC with copies of documentation substantiating claim.

NOTE: If your case has not been decided yet, you may always send updated documents, such as a VA disability percentage increase.  We encourage you to do so as soon as possible. 

The CRSC Board has an optional form, NCPB Form 1850/7 SecNav CRSC Reconsideration Request to submit reconsideration of their application.  You may elect to use this form if it helps you organize and provide the required information.  You may download this form by selecting the link below. 


Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR)

b. You may appeal to the Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR).  Under 10 U.S.C. 1552, the Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) has designated BCNR to review CRSC decisions. If you believe your military records are in error thus affecting your eligibility for CRSC then you may apply to the BCNR.  Or, if you wish to appeal your CRSC decision for reconsideration, you must submit a request (petition) to BCNR.  The BCNR website,, offers an overview of the application procedure, a DD Form 149 Application for Correction of Military Record, and assistance in filling out the application.  You may download DD Form 149 and submit it to the following address:

Board for Correction of Naval Records
2 Navy Annex
Washington, DC  20370-5100

A copy of the form may also be requested from BCNR at 703-614-1402 between 0730 and 1600 Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Should you decide to request reconsideration to the CRSC Board after you have appealed to the BCNR, your case may be delayed until BCNR completes its review/decision.